Celebrants are ceremony specialists who have studied the history of ritual, ceremony, and traditions in many cultures and religions. They help create your ceremony and are experienced in ceremonial public speaking.

A Celebrant never imposes any element of a ceremony that you, the client, did not ask for or approve.


Do you want to remember your loved ones in a service that celebrates their lives?

Would you like to prepare a ceremony in advance to ease the burden for your family later?


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Baby Namings

Is it time to create a tribute to the life of someone special to you?

Want to celebrate your new baby with friends and family?

Want to welcome your family to a new house?

Want to mark your child's coming of age as a unique individual?

Want to celebrate your retirement,

declare your independence or say farewell

to a beloved home?

The Celebrant's mission is to create a unique ceremony that reflects your wishes, beliefs, cultural background, and values ‑ religious or non‑religious. Celebrants carefully compose a customized. meaningful ceremony by collaborating with you, your family, friends and clergy, if affiliated. The most important principle is that the words delivered express and celebrate the great moments in your life.